Student Resources

Accelerated Reader On-Line


Great search engine!


Fun for all ages.  Play hangman and other fun games and see what happens!

Gramma Pat’s Game Room .  Everybody will enjoy these activities.  There is checkers, word search, sand art, ringstack and many more.


There is something for everyone on this site in every subject.


Work on math, reading and even play Sudoku on this site for all ages.


Challenge your brain on these strategy games for all ages.


A good site for the intermediate students.  For every correct answer you earn 10 grains of rice!!


A great site for beginning readers.  Come explore all the activities.


Play math games including Matho, Concentration, Hidden Puzzle and more.


Choose your holiday fun with hangman, word searches, coloring pages and more.


Go to the GameGoo and play games geared for younger ones to learn letters, rhyming and more fun.

AAA Math


Very good site for practicing math skills.  Students use this site often when in the computer lab at school


Kids' Planet. A fun way to learn animal sounds and take a quiz on animal facts plus much more.


For the younger crowd.  A fun number learning site with games and printable worksheet.  Learn how to play Snakes and Ladders! Do activities with all your favorite characters such as Clifford, Barney, Arthur, Mr. Rogers, Sesame

Street and more.